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Do you ever wonder about what exciting trends or events are happening in different parts of the world? The internet has made learning about different cultures and becoming up to date with current events easier than it used to be. As a writer for an online magazine, I am constantly on the lookout for newsworthy items that I can write a feature on for upcoming issues. After hearing about the ulljjang (this means best face) phenomenon in Korea, I knew that this would be something that would catch the interest of a lot of people. Uljjangs are young guys and girls who are considered to be quite attractive; they post their pictures (usually taken with webcams) on communities where users vote for the best ones. I decided to set up email exchanges with some of the more popular ones to get an in-depth look into the uljjang culture. Of course since I didn’t know any Korean, I had to rely on a translation company to help me communicate.

Translia is a leading translation services provider that lets you place and receive your order in the most convenient way possible. The entire transaction is done online so you can place your order from the convenience of your own home. They have quite a wide variety of languages to choose from to have your work converted into as well (a total of 127) so you don’t have to worry that they won’t be able to take on your task. Their FlexiSource Translation allows you to upload the source text using different file formats or you can just copy paste the words in the text box provided. I also liked the fact that they use SameFormat Translation so that the completed translation will come in the same format as the source text so that no additional editing will need to be done on your part. I completed my article and received a lot of positive feedback on it from our readers. It’s good to know that translation companies like Translia are out there to help us bridge the language gap that can sometimes separate us from other people.

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I once got mail and it was written in pure Japanese. Unfortunately because I’m Malaysian, I couldn’t understand any single word. I thought nothing of it and didn’t take an effort to let somebody translate it for me. As days went by, I kept getting letters, still written in Japanese. That’s when I knew that translation companies could really help me. I began to wonder who sent those letters and most importantly, why. I found a Translation Company called translia. They were recommended to me by my friends and I read a lot of good feedback from them from the Web too. I scanned all the letters then sent it to them via their website.


I thought I needed to wait a week at the very least to get my translation but to my surprise, they were done with it in 24 hours.

It was impressive. Traditional translation sites could probably take about a few weeks, but they were just in a hurry. I read the letters and it was all from a secret admirer. I was shocked when I read it. The letters were just really sweet. Thanks to the best translation services, I had understood and decoded the meaning that was written in the letter. I was even excited to read it that’s why I had to ask them to hurry it up. I was shocked when I found out there was no rush fee. Translia could really give you the best quality translations you could at very reasonable rates. I would be back to try their services again. They haven’t let me down now, and I know they would never ever let me down.

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The Advance Reline Arising – A-R-D is acutely competent in compassionate what leads to blocked drains and assures you approved arising aliment which implies a apple-pie and blooming ambiance always. With a lot of of its audience getting bounded authorities, theatres and offices, a lot of frequently blocking items cover paper, cigarette ends and added waste, cesspool jetting proves to be the best and the ideal band-aid to such problems.

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